Saturday, November 14, 2009

Shred Day!

You know you're old when you look forward to Shred Day! Last year, I sat in line for an hour waiting to drop my car full of boxes off to be shredded! This year, I was going to be the first in line! They open at 9a so I left at 8:30a.

I had planned this one out! I stopped off at What-A-Burger to pick up breakfast so I could eat it waiting in line with all the other cars! Took my camera to take pics of the massive cars waiting in line, and a book to read. Got there this morning, drove right in the was early so the people were happy, waving where to go, pulled up to the crew who unloads your car. I had three boxes in the front seat and five in the trunk.

The lady opens the car door on the passenger side and said "Mam, do you know there is a five box limit?" I said "Yes, but there is also a 25o lb limit and my boxes are small." The lady didn't say anything and proceeded to unload my car.

I thought "They are done and I haven't even had time to take pictures or finish my breakfast! I'm going to get home and have some boxes in the trunk." Drove home through downtown Fort Worth! It is such a beautiful day and it looked so pretty with the blooming pansies!

The first thing I did when I got home was pop the trunk to see if they got all of my boxes! Yep! They got them all! I was happy to know Shred Day was a success!

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