Saturday, September 19, 2009

Two 4-Wheeling Grannys

After our two-mile walk Friday morning, Tommy got Milissa and I ready for our adventure! On the way to the backside of the mountain, we met Tammy, their neighbor. The first thing I noticed was Tammy's purple boots! I have some hot pink boots I wear to go stompin' in the fields at Round Top!

I love the boots!
We picked up Tammy and gave her a ride to her house.
Tammy was amazing! I watched and clicked as she fed all the animals! You could tell she honestly loves the country!

Raised garden beds.
Tammy feeding her crew!

Is this not the fattest sweetest bunny you've ever seen!
Cat in a tree.
After we left Tammy's house, we drove down the street and saw 50+ hummingbirds at Fred's house. My dad loved hummingbirds! The are a favorite of mine also. This pic was taken from the street in front of Fred's house.
Pics below are in the woods.

If this isn't God's country, I don't know what is!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Southern Hospitality

I recently took a trip to Tennessee to visit my cousin (from my mom's side of the family) and her husband. If this isn't heaven, I don't know what is!

Within the first 2 to 3 hrs of my visit, I had taken 81 pics! I can't get the video uploaded on Blogger, but wanted to share these:

View from Signal Mountain Milissa and Tommy - Hostess & Host

After our morning walk on Friday, Milissa's neighbor, John, offered to give us a tour of downtown Chattanooga's Art District! I know we must have walked 12 miles on the river. We walked on the riverwalk to the Boat House Restaurant for a wonderful lunch. Pics below are from the riverwalk:

Tommy and Milissa walk two miles every morning! So, Friday morning that's what we did! We picked up Josie & Oreo and John for the morning walk! John is a neighbor we walked with and he offered to be our tour guide for the riverwalk! Below are pics from the morning walk:

My new main man!

John! You're going the wrong way!

Above is Phyllis' house. She made fresh flower arrangements for Milissa's house. You'll see those pics below!

Here is slugger Blake, Tommy & Milissa's 4 yr old grandson! This boy can hit a ball! He played baseball with Megan and Milissa and hit the ball every time! Tommy said he's pretty good at golf! Blake is a big fan of Tiger Woods!

Milissa with daughters Lindsay & Megan (Blake's mom)

Here's my sweet uncle LM! The best BBQer ever! He cooked a mean rack of ribs for the family BBQ!

4-Wheeling down the mountain!

Two grannys on the "Little Hummer!"

Below are pics at Milissa's and Tommy's house. Tea! Fresh tomatoes from their garden! Real hydrangeas from their yard! This should be in Better Homes & Garden magazine!

Real dahlias that grow in the garden. Phyllis, the arrangements are beautiful!!!

I thought Texans were pretty friendly, but think the people in Tennessee may have them beat. These are just a few pics I took and will work on the video! It was hard to pick which pics to post because there are some really good ones! Thanks Tommy and Milissa for a wonderful visit!

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