Saturday, June 28, 2008


You can't take the country out of the "City Girl." That explains it all! This picture was taken in Waco, Texas in 1959. If I remember correctly...being a Vintage Mom that's kinda was at Easter. We had gone to Waco to visit my dad's friend he had worked with at Hardy Shoes.


I finally realized this week that the word "vintage" means just plain "OLD!" So, that is how I came up with my blog name! I love it! People are making big bucks by selling "vintage" items.

There's vintage jewelry, dresses, radios, fishing reels, and campers...just to name a few! This blog is inspired by my loving daughter, mother of my beautiful grandchildren, who is ready for an adventure in a vintage camper!

I didn't realize until this week what I'm missing out work/life balance is all screwed up! I thought I was in heaven last weekend when I went to see "Sex and the City" at the Movie Tavern! Yes...they've been around for years and I finally went to my first one! Loved it! I wasn't used to being waited on in a movie theater, but just loved it!

Anyway...back to the vintage campers! They are adorable! Amy refers to them as "canned hams." Check them out at Sisters on the Fly.

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