Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

It's been a year since the last post! I definitely get "Blogger of the Year Award." 2010 was a whirl wind! Today, January 3, 2011, I decided to close the Traveling Gypsy blog and shut down the online store. That was more trouble than it was worth!

So, since no one reads my blog, I need to use this one as a journal. What have I accomplished this year? I have met some personal goals. We all have room for improvement and personal goals will be a continuing thing for me.

At the first of 2010, my goal was to get braces. Why you say? You are too old! I admire people's pretty straight teeth and wished mine were.

When I was little, my parents wanted to put braces on me and told me the dentist would probably have to pull three teeth. Well...that scared the crap out of me and begged them not to do it. I'm sure they were happy because it saved them thousands of dollars! So, Tuesday before Thanksgiving 2010, I had those bad boys put on! Not the thing to do before Thanksgiving! I lost 4 lbs, but found it again!

Christmas! There's nothing like kids at Christmastime. They get so excited and parents are so stressed. You want to give them the world, but funds don't allow it. On Christmas Eve, it was cold and rainy. I traveled to San Antonio to spend it with Amy's family. On December 28th, celebrated again at Shawna's house.

New Year's Eve! On December 31th, took Casey and Rianah to Lake Granbury to celebrate the New Year. Casey said he would have rather gone to my house. Ri loves to swim so I think she enjoyed it. As for me, I love Lake Granbury! We shot fireworks on the beach next to the hotel. Never saw Casey move so fast!

Anyway...I'm ready for a New Year! Can't wait to see what this one brings!

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